I turned 30 this past week. Journaling and mindfulness has been a big part of my 2023 so I challenged myself to slow down & reflect over my career in real estate and share the top 30 tips for home buying & selling. Anything you’d add? Let me know – I’m interested in hearing For […]

Real Estate

March 28, 2023

30 Home Buying & Selling Tips for 30

Hayden and I sold our first home – a little ranch in Ridgewood – in October of 2021 and relocated to booming Downtown Cary. After considering rebuilding on our original lot, looking at a couple resale options and ultimately finding where we landed off market – we ended up landing in the perfect place for […]

Home Tours

March 28, 2023

A Peek into the Parker Home

I’ve known Kate a couple years now. We were introduced by a mutual friend (shoutout Kathryn Sabatelli!) and I was so grateful when she initially reached out about finding her first home. Little did I know what an interior design visionary she was! From time of purchase to now, Kate has infused her classic, collected […]


March 2, 2023

Kate’s Brier Creek Cottage

This special couple came to Parker Residential as a newly engaged couple. Just a few short years later, they are fully embracing their gorgeous Meredith Woods ranch as a family of 4 (including Saylor girl!)  We knew when searching for a home Christin had the vision and collection to make anything special. Her eye for […]

Home Tours

November 15, 2022

The Taylor Home

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