Unique Marketing for Parker Residential Listings

Unique Marketing for Parker Residential Listings

It's no secret that as pricing continues to rise in the Triangle and rates steady out mid and even upper 6%'s....housing affordability is becoming less and less attainable. When it comes to marketing your home, there are four important factors:


(1) Price

(2) Location

(3) Condition

(4) Market Position


Price is ultimately up to the home seller. Location cannot be changed. Condition depends on a collaboration of preparations. Market position? Well, you can leave that to us. 

While many simply launch "Active" in MLS and let it ride, Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby's International Realty in collaboration with Parker Residential get to work. Check out a unique list of marketing activities below we've launched recently and let us know if you see anything missing. We're always looking to get better!


Agent to Agent Marketing - 89% of ready, willing and able buyers already have an agent. When marketing your home, we want those agents, the ones who convert the sale, to be the first to hear about your home. Parker Residential actively works to notify agents who have shown in your area and pricepoint of the upcoming listing prior to market launch. This "edge" gives them the opportunity to shine with their buyers and your property the opportunity to be something special...not just another home that lists on the MLS. Additionally, through our email marketing database, we are able to capture over 10,000 local agents with digital marketing campaigns that average a 44% open rate! From that open rate, we actively track those agents who forward the emails along to clients or continue to refer back to the initial email and request for more information.


Social Media Marketing - whether you like it or not, organic social media engagement is statistically the most successful digital marketing in today's age. Through professional videography and photography, we typically capture over 5,000 views and plays of your home through these curated reels and campaigns by strategically using trending audio and tracking those who are most engaged. We continue to capture buyers for your home on social media and successfully do so year over year - we're only getting better for your benefit!


Neighborhood Farming - no one knows your neighborhood better than those that live next door. Who doesn't want to live next to their friends? After a weekend or two on the market, your neighbors will receive a letter from our team introducing ourselves and asking who they know who would be a good fit. Neighbors can be our biggest strategic partner when selling your home! We want to be on their good side.


Google & Youtube - through Google My Business, Favorable Reviews, Business to Business marketing and a SUPER engaged Youtube platform, we're able to capture the most common buyer....those looking online through both Parker Residential and Sotheby's International Realty platforms. This information is trackable, tracible and proactively helps us target buyers for your property. 


Sotheby's International Realty Affiliate Sites - Did you know listing with Sotheby's International Realty automatically means your home is syndicated to over 10,000 websites worldwide? Furthermore, we're able to generate a heat map showing where most views are coming from. From down the road in Durham to across the pond in Luxembourg, we're capturing eyes where most are looking and able to adjust digital marketing to match those views! Additionally, our in house marketing team is keeping an eye out for local, national and international articles where your home might be a good fit!


Consistent Market Competition Feedback - We get it, communication is key. That's why we create a shared document at launch to keep track of showing requests, feedback and real time data on your home. No need to ask, we've got you covered already!


Open Houses - Ready, willing and able buyers will get into your home first weekend regardless of whether they have an agent or not. Depending upon your location and price point, we strategically sprinkle Open Houses during your listing to capture buyers at a time where they are most likely to visit. The first weekend may not be your best option - interested in hearing why? We would love to share!


Buyer Questions? Answered - From professional photography and videography, staging preparation, licensed appraisal measurements, utilities information, neighborhood guides and more we like to say we "help buyers' agents sell your home." It's rare we have agents ask questions because we proactively provide most answers upfront. Count us out for "looky loos" on your home, it's only seriously interested parties visiting with all information needed and provided both upfront and at the showing. 


There's more - but that depends on your property. Because like humans, each home is unique and we certainly treat them that way! We look forward to serving you when the time comes. 


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